Not a lot. But there is no limit to what they could be used for; from defence, medical, pizza delivery and aerial photography. They are also can more expensive than your old fashioned remote control toy but there are some great entry-price drones such as Skeye (tiny but fun) at USD$49 or here’s a list of best beginners drones

Drones are a big industry in the US with expenditure on drones is expected to double in the next decade to more than $89 billion by 2023.* The FAA (US) estimates as many as 7,500 commercial drones will be operational in the next five years in the US. But what may surprise you is that Australia is #3 globally for Government accommodation of drones (US is #5).

There are many uses for drones such as:

Making the world more connected
Technology giants Google, Amazon and Facebook have spent hundreds of millions in acquiring drone technology. It is thought that this investment in fleets of high altitude, solar powered drones is to extend the reach of internet connectivity around the world. That means they operate as wireless connectors for the unconnected world. The kind of drones they are investing in are the size of a commercial plane, and can run for five years on solar power. See more: State of the Art Drones

Coverage of the world
Whether it’s about security, monitoring the traffic, cropdusting or just taking better footage of the surf, drones provide cheaper and better access to view the world and what is going on.

Fast delivery
Delivering packages to your door in 30 minutes straight from the picking line to your door. Amazon applied in 2014 to the FAA to start testing their home delivery service. See more: Amazon Drone Delivery