Yes, there are ways in which your phone can simplify your life. IFTTT (if this then that) is a mobile app which allows you to create ‘recipes’ of what you would like your phone to do for you based on your actions. So the first bit of the recipe is “If this…” so for example: If I take a photo “then this” Add it into my Flickr account or it might be based on your location so when you arrive at the office turn the volume of your phone down. Or when you are 15 minutes from home text your wife to let her know you are 15 mins away.

The possibilities are endless and best used to link two different applications you use – such as the camera and Flickr or Facebook and Dropbox. So you can ask IFTTT to add any image you are tagged in on Facebook into your Dropbox.

To get started you need to download IFTTT onto your phone.