You own your images unless your Instagram account is owned by a business in which case the images are owned by them. However, in the T&Cs of Instagram you grant them the right to use your imagery for free for their own use (or a third parties) worldwide. Now that is something to think about.

It is also the reason they are so clear on the images you upload being your own so as to avoid any copyright issues. If the content is not your own, the responsibility lies with you to have paid the correct licensing fees etc.

If this doesn’t sit comfortably with you then you can deactivate your Instagram account.

Here are the 3 steps to deactivate:

1. Log into from a desktop computer. You can not delete it from your mobile app.

2. Click on your user name and hit “edit profile”

3. Click the “I’d like to delete by account” option in the bottom right corner.

Full terms of use. 

Thanks Julia for your question 🙂