Yes you can. With Google Cardboard you don’t need any fancy head gear. For around $10 you can pop your phone into the holder, download some apps and away you go. Using either an Android or iPhone you can search for apps that give you amazing experiences such as riding on a rollercoaster, walking with the dinosaurs or racing cars. It is an excellent activity with the kids and for business teams alike.

The project was set up by Google to create an accessible affordable way for anyone with access to a smart phone to be able to really experience Virtual Reality (VR). As of May 2015 there have been over a million Google Cardboards made. And now they are getting fancy with versions made from plywood and multi colours. So what are you waiting for?

You can buy them on EBay – just make sure you buy the right size for your phone.

And you can find some great apps here to download or search on Google for ‘Google cardboard apps’