EDITORIAL. Our family has a addiction for travel, we are globe trotters. It’s an expensive addiction and so we are always looking at ways to optimise our travelling – stay for longer, go to more places, see more. It is tempered by the cost of being away.

This year we  joined a house swapping community LoveHomeSwap that has completely opened up new possibilities for our travel. In talking with friends this appears to be a polarising topic…are you prepared to have other people in your house, your bed? From my perspective the need to travel outweighs the thought of other people in my home. Plus our home has always had people staying and we love sharing our place with others. In terms of people snooping on your things, I reason that they have way better things to do!

Besides, the way the site works you don’t actually have to swap. If you waited for the perfect line-up of each person wanting to go to each others home you could be waiting a while. So they have created a currency where you can buy and earn points. All houses around the world are the same amount of points to stay in regardless of size or quality. So this keeps it all very simple. The cost of the points depends on your membership level – the higher the membership the lower the cost. Platinum members pay just .21 (AUD) a point and 200 points is a nights accommodation ($42) in any of the homes where they accept points.

We have done two swaps this year domestically but are about to try out homes overseas. So far its all been a wonderful experience, we have met some great people and realised how generous people can be to welcome you to their home.

There are over 70,000 homes which are all quality checked before membership is accepted. Beautiful homes and homes all ready and set up for living. Much more hospitable than hotels especially if you have kids. So get adventurous – give it a go!