Knowing how to code is definitely a skill for the future, as important is understanding logic and context. Try and avoid the stereotypical ‘Learn to code in 24hr”  and think of code as magic.

Magic makes things work, move, happen. With our fast changing world,  finding simple solutions to complex problems is an important skill. So rather than sending your child off to learn how to code, consider taking the lead from things they are already interested in – build on their strengths and creativity to develop their problem solving skills with magic.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

For storytellers and game lovers: Scratch out of MIT Labs is a free application which allows kids to create and share animations, games and stories.

For music makers: Have a look at some conductivity projects that include programming in audio to triggers such as Novelia or LittleBits Synch Kit

For crafty types: Check out the maker movement and look for maker workshops near you or get started at home with something like LittleBits which start you out with electronic circuitry and move on to integrate coding with platforms like Arduino. Make is also a great site for finding and sharing projects.

For your all rounder: Try they even have a Frozen option

For those who just want to get serious (and maybe a little older): A code bootcamp

For those who have no interest in coding but want to find a skill to practise that will help them in the future check out

Thanks Danny for your question