What a brilliant age we live in. Now we can create magic – bring a virtual design on our screen alive right in front of us. What’s more, there is something for everyone – from making models to jewellery and false nails. For inspiration, trust me there is plenty, check out Etsy and Pinterest. Here is my intro to 3D printing.

Getting involved is easier than you would think. One of the first places to start is Shapeways, a 3D online marketplace. Here you can upload your own design and have it printed and shipped you. You can also sell your designs or go shopping for someone else’s design. The guys at Shapeways have put together a video to take you through the process. It is eye opening.

If you want to learn about how create something and use a 3D printer it is becoming easier. To learn in the comfort of your home about how to create your design, then check out Shapeways tutorials. Or get out there amongst it and chat with other makers at a meet-up. In all main cities you will be able to find courses, make sure you try the libraries as they often run free courses.

3D-Instagram-5Once you are ready to print there are retailers who are starting to offer 3D printing in the same way as they offered photocopying and printing services. Like Officeworks here in Melbourne, who have opened a concept store in the city where you load your design from usb and have it printed, or bring in an object you want to duplicate and have it scanned and printed. They even offer a service where you can be scanned and replicated in a mini-me version! Search on Google and I am sure your be able to find a service near you.